Precious Metals Analysis with Skyray XRF Spectrometers

X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy has become an important tool in Precious Metals Analysis and companies worldwide are using reliable Skyray XRF Spectrometers for their analysis needs. Skyray instruments offers high performance XRF Spectrometers and more economical XRF Analyzers to meet every clients application and budget. Our X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers can accurately analyze gold and other precious metals groups with impressive accuracy within seconds.

Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring elements which are mainly used as investment, industrial commodities and jewelry business . Gold(Au), silver(Ag), platinum(Pt), and palladium(Pd) are the most popular precious metals and ones of the most value in the market. The demand for precious metals is driven not only by their practical use but also by their role as investments. Due to High cost of the Precious metals even a small variation in elemental content can cost thousands to the precious metals buyer, seller or manufacturer.

Why use a Skyray XRF Spectrometer for Precious Metals analysis?

Prior to XRF Technology analyzing gold silver platinum and palladium was a long complicated task often requiring altering the sample. Ability to analyze Precious Metals non-destructively and detect counterfeit within a few seconds makes XRF Spectrometers the best instruments to use for Precious Metals Analysis. Our Precious Metals analyzers come pre-calibrated with different modes for different Precious Metals. We use certified Standard samples with Precious metal content range from 1% up to 99.999. A typical Skyray XRF Spectrometer will come with general Precious metal mode for unknown samples: 0.1-99.999% Gold(Au), silver(Ag), platinum(Pt), palladium(Pd), copper(Cu) etc. Element specific modes are also included for each precious metal group and high purity modes for more accurate analysis of pure metals content 99.999. There is no need to grind or do any sample prep and samples can be analyzed quickly and efficiently. Jewelry stores, manufacturers, banks and precious metals resellers have all benefitted from XRF Spectrometry by switching from the complicated fire essay and acid testing to quick and accurate non-destructive XRF methods.

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