Petroleum Analysis with Skyray XRF Spectrometers

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) was proposed by EPA as a new standard for the sulfur content in on-road diesel fuel sold in the United States since early 2000s. Aiming to substantially lower emissions, EPA lowered the Sulfur content in fuel even lower level. Since 2007 new emissions standards for cleaner fuel have been in effect for automobiles in the United States and Ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) became a new standard for the sulfur content in fuels. According to the new standard sulfur content for ULSD is 15 ppm which is much lower than the previous standard for 500 ppm. According to EPA estimates, with the implementation of the new fuel standards for diesel, nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by 2.6 million tons each year and soot or particulate matter will be reduced by 110,000 tons a year.

X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy is the best method for total sulfur analysis in petroleum products and allows the measurement of sulfur at ultra-low levels of less than 10ppm. Skyray Instruments offers a complete sulfur in fuels XRF solution for variety of applications including:

With Skyray XRF Sulfur in fuels analyzers there is no more need to send the samples to the lab and pay for each sample test. Unlike the lab, which may take a few weeks to get back your results, with our instruments the results are rapid and only take less than a minute for accurate Sulfur content analysis. Skyray XRF Spectrometers don't require routine calibrations which greatly minimizes future service costs.

Why use a Skyray XRF Spectrometer for Sulfur analysis in petroleum products?

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