Gas Chromatography

GC-5400 Gas Chromatograph incorporates advanced modern manufacturing technologies with years of experience in research and development. Our multi-functional, easy-to-use and remotely controllable gas chromatograph provides superior performance for all applications.

GC5400 comes with choice of Flame Ionization Detector (FID), Thermo Conductivity Detector (TCD) and Electron Capture Detector (ECD). With different combinations of detectors in series or parallel operation, GC5400 can meet different application requirements. With patented electronic amplification circuit maximum sensitivity of 5000mV•mL/mg can be achieved.

GC-5400 Gas Chromatograph
  • Advanced Microcomputer Control System
  • High-sensitivity and high-stability detector
  • High Performance Large Column Chamber
  • Precise pneumatics with dual stability


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