LC-MS 1000 Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

LC-MS 1000 Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer is a commercial LC-MS system which meets the national standards for LC-MS and for determination of chemicals in food and environment. Our Patented heating technology and nebulizer gas technology help increase vaporization efficiency and background noise while increasing sensitivity. Powerful ChemAnalyst LC-MS chemical workstation software simplifies all operation procedures and advanced networking function enables remote control instrument and view test result

  • Quick scan speed (maximum 10,000 amu/s, bar chart);
  • Wide scan range (10-1100 amu)
  • High detection sensitivity
  • Auto calibration and tuning function
  • LC high pressure pump, auto sampler, thermostat, UV detector, mass spectrum control and data process are integrated in the software
  • Wireless vacuum chamber
Application Fields
  • LC-MS 1000 is a necessary analytical tool for organism analysis lab, drug and food laboratory, production process control, quality control department, etc.
Technical Specifications
Mass Range: 10-1500 amu
Mass accuracy: ±0.20 amu (mass calibration range of scan mode)
Mass axis stability: ±0.2amu/12h (under constant temp. of ± 2°C)
Scan rate: standard mode: 1000 amu/s, fast scan mode: 10000 amu/s
Resolution: unit resolution (FWHM<-0.7amu)
SIM signal to noise ratio: ESI, 200 ul/min, SIM
Peak area Repeatability: RSD 4.6°/0
Retention time repeatability: RSD


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