GC-MS 6800 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

GC-MS 6800 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) system is widely used in industrial inspection, food processing, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industries. Cost effective and reliable design manufactured to the highest standards. ChemAnalyst l workstation software simplifies all operation procedures and controls the auto-sampler, gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer.

  • GC system equipped with electronic pressure/flow control system (EFC/EPC) with El filament for high electron emission efficiency
  • Quadrupole with pre-filter and high energy dynode electron multiplier
  • Reliable Vacuum system with turbo molecular pump
  • Real-time vacuum monitoring with vacuum gauge
  • Digital RF Technology ensures better sensitivity and resolution in full mass range
  • The "ChemAnalyst" software controls auto sampler, GC and MS
  • Full scan (SCAN) and selective ion monitoring (SIM) modes
  • Quick display of total ion current (TIC) and mass spectrogram
  • Accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis with Skyray NIST spectrum database with free online upgrades
Application Fields
  • Industrial: textile, electronics, plastics and cosmetics
  • Food safety: pesticides, fragrances, additives and food packaging
  • Environmental protection: air, water, soil and waste
  • Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical and drugs
  • Petrochemical industry: refinery, chemical plants
  • Public security: explosives, drugs and evidence
Technical Specifications
GC Specifications MS Specifications
Inlet temperature: Max. 450°C Source Ionization energy: 5eV-250eV (Adjustable)
Pressure range:0-100psi, ± 0.002psi Mass range 1.5-1000amu
Pressure control mod: Electronic pressure control (EPC) Resolution: Unit resolution (full width at half maximum)
Column temperature: 4-450 degrees C Ion source temperature 100-350 degrees C
Split mode: Split/splitless, max ratio: 1000:1 > Filament emission current: 0-350 mA
Heating rate: Up to 1201/min Detector: High energy dynode electron multiplier
Temperature programming: 7 stages/8 platforms Stability ±0.10 amu/48 hrs
Auto Sampler: Optional Sensitivity: Full scan, 1pg OFN at m/z 272 with S/N >30:1 (RMS)
Scan rate: Up to 10000 amu/s
Vacuum: Turbo molecular pump(87L/s)


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