ICP-MS 2000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP¬MS) is a popular technique for micro(10^ -6), trace(10^ -9), and ultra-trace(10^ -12) element analysis and is able to analyze most of the periodic table of elements with high accuracy and low detection limits. ICP-MS 2000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer is widely used in environmental protection, food hygiene, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

  • Quick analysis, simple operation, high sensitivity, low background noise
  • One-button plasma setting for convenient plasma optimization
  • Advanced plasma shielding technology improves sensitivity and reduces detection limit for low mass elements-reaching ppt level
  • Replacement, installation and dismantling of sample cone and skimmer can be done under vacuum.
  • Hexapole collision cell improves efficiency of ion transmission and eliminates the interference of polyatomic ion;
  • Computer controlled switching of digital and analog modes with dynamic linearity range reaching 9 orders of magnitude
  • Wireless vacuum chamber
Application Fields
  • Environmental: drinking water, seawater, food, hygiene and disease control, goods inspection
  • Semiconductor: metals, reagents, Si chips, photoresists
  • Pharmaceutical: medical research on hair, blood, serum, urine sample, biological tissues, Lead testing in blood
  • Nuclear: nuclear fuel radioisotope, cooling water pollution
  • Others: chemical, and petrochemical industries, geology
Technical Specifications
Mass Range: 2-255 amu
Dynamic (Linear) Range: >10^8
Sensitivity(cps/mg/L): Be> 5x10^9 In> 60x10^6 U>60x10^6
Limit of Detection(ng/L): Be <5; In <0.5; U <0.5
Resolution(amu): 0.6-0.8
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) > 50x10^9
Background: <2 cps (full mass range)
Variance: <0.05 amu/24h
Stability (RSD) short term <2% ; long term <3%
Sample Chamber: Modular sample introduction system with externally mounted atomizer and optional autosampler


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