ICP 2060T Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer

ICP 2060T Sequential Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer is designed to measure major, minor and trace elements in various samples with excellent analytical precision and accuracy. ICP2060 has wide wavelength range of 190nm to 800nm with 2400 line grating. The instrument feature high optical resolution, full automation, Solid State RF system as well as powerful analysis software with auto-matching.

  • Over 70 elements can be measured
  • Fast analysis, analyzing 5-8 elements per minute
  • Simultaneous analyses of multiple elements
  • Excellent detection limits- ppb level for most elements
Application Fields
  • Food and agricultural industries
  • Pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Biological and chemical industries
  • Petrochemical and metallurgic industries
  • Others: environmental, semi-conductor, criminal science and general research
Technical Specifications
Monochromator Specifications Solid State Power Specifications
Optical type: Czerny turner Frequency: 27.12MHz, Frequency stability: <0.05%
Resolution: 0.015nm (3600 line grating); 0.030nm (2400 line grating) Spray chamber: Scott double pass spray chamber
Focal length: 1000mm Output power: 800W -1600W, adjustable with power efficiency more than 65%
Grating specifications: holographic grating with 3600E/mil or 2400 L/mil, 80 mmx100mm of ruling area Output power stability: 00.05%
Wavelength range: 195-500 nm for 3600 line grating, 195-800 nm for 2400 line grating > Induction coil: 25mmx3 ID(ID-internal diameter), equipped with three concentric quartz torch tubes 35mm ED (ED-external diameter)
Control Circuit Other Specifications
Photomultiplier tube specification:R212/R928 Repeatability: short-term stability- RSD 1.5%
Negative high voltage: -50 - -1000 V Long-term stability:RSD 2%
Circuit measuring range: (101' - 101A Test speed:5-8 elements/min
Signal acquisition: VF conversion Limits of detection (LOD, pg/L) for most elements: 1ppb-10ppb


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